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FF Document Storage Image Scanning and Synchronization

If your marker images are kept in the Final Filer's Document Storage, scanning and synching the images can be accomplished in a couple of steps,

However, prior to using the function for the first time, be sure to set the required options.

Once that's done, you are more or less ready to go. 

You should perform an image scan and review the image records. Unwanted images should be removed using the rename as not marker image function, 

Once your list is up to date:
  • Navigate to the "Sync Images" grid
  • Click the "Sync From Docstore" button, or right click the grid and select the similarly named menu item

    A dialog will appear. Confirm the settings  and click OK to proceed. 

    The process is that images will be copied from the Document Store source to the destination. The Image Links Table on the remote server will be brought up to date, adding new images found and removing those not found. 

    Processing may take awhile. You may stop it and resume later from where you left off

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