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Quick Start Quick Start Guide for Final Filer Document Storage UseDocument Storage Users

Please ensure your local image file scan and table are up to date, especially if you have recently added more marker image files. 

Also, set Configuration parameters must be set for Document Processing.

Edit your scan list, removing any listings that are not wanted. Use the RIGHT BUTTON click on a record and choose "Rename as not a marker image" to move unwanted records from the list, 

Now click the "FF Docstore Image Sync" button, and confirm the warning dialog if it pops up

The settings on the form are
  • Destination - the directory the files will be copied to, usually the markers image file directory on the remote server. It is suggested the directory can be a mapped drive to the remote server. 
  • Resize option- 1024 pixels recommended- uploaded files will be resized iof they are wider than the selection
  • Delete remote image files that are not in the local scan data table list - if checked,  image files links in the destination directory and any associated record in the webservers table of links will be deleted if the image file is not listed in your local scan of image files. 
  • Update remote image index table as files are being processed - checking this option may increasing processing time. 
  • Re-index  all images on the remote server once uploading completes. - if checked, all files in remote directory are indexed  in the webservers table of links. The default is NOT CHECKED. Use this option only if you think the remote index is not up to date, 
  • Don't check records that have the remoteID value set - if checked image files that seem synced and up to date are skipped, i.e. not processed. Once the system is deemed reasonably up to date this should be checked to improve processing speed.
  • Show log file - if checked the log file of transactions is displayed when processing completes. 

    Click SYNC now to start processing....