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What is database synchronization?

The < href="" target="_blank">Final Filer Pro uses an MS Access database. In a world of Windows PCs and Microsoft networking this is fine, and the MS Access database is certainly good enough to maintain burial and cremation records for small to medium sized operations. 

However, most of internet (World Wide Web) runs on Linux, usually on LAMP server arrangements.  The database for LAMP of choice is MySQL.

It may also be prudent to separate the local Final Filer Pro database from the internet to secure the very personal data that might be contained in it.  

So, some application is needed to transfer, synchronize and validate the local data with that on the remote web server. 

You could, of course do it manually, but that can be tedious. Or you could write your own scripts if you have the skillset. However, this program is designed to do it for you quickly and easily. It will optimally synchronise the local and remote data records, transferring only those records that need to be transferred. 

It can also automatically resize image files if you want to publish photos of headstones and plaques etc alongside of register records.