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Final Filer Pro Update (Full) Final Filer Pro Update (Full) HOT

How to update

  1. Make a backup of your Final Filer Installation - if you are too lazy to do that, at the very least take a copy of  "C:Program FilesFinal Filer SoftwareFinal Filer Proff4wpro.exe"
  2. Check your backup is reliable.
  3. Download the file from here
  4. Unzip the downloaded file on your PC
  5. Run the update installer


If it fails

Restore from your backup. If you only made a copy of ff4wpro.exe, restore it to "C:Program FilesFinal Filer SoftwareFinal Filer Pro"


If you continue to have issues after that, contact me with a detailed description of the problem. Please don't just tell me "it doesn't work".


MD5 Hash

This is the hash value of the file as uploaded and generated at

  • E0AAB0FD1EAB2F74C48A9D1016853F0C


Version     30.12.2015

FIXED - Display options connection to data list source sometimes lost when I rebuild the program from source. This appears to be a bug in the combo box source code. The connection is now checked at boot and re-assigned if necessary.
UPDATED - Booking Director (New Register data entry) - further fixes to avoid null conversion errors.
NEW - Quick new register record entry form - in response to a couple of requests here there is now a very quick way to add a minimial record, with or without allocation selection. For details check the updated help file for "Quick Register Entry"
NEW - Form to maintain/ add/ edit service types
UPDATED - help file, including the online help, to reflect the changes with this release.
UPDATED - further improvements to error logging; progressivle error traps will show the module name, function name and line number. If you see them please report them with a screen dump (Print Screen)


MD5 Hash: 07B1B529C9F6F7F1DFEEC06B61624F2F


Version  -    30.11.2015
FIXED - Display option combobox source list became disconnected in build - you may need to reset the default display option value in the Preferences.


Version      Released November 2015

  • NEW - Interface for auditing and batch processing temporary storage locations
  • NEW - Function to move record to another temporary location
  • NEW - Configuration allows you to set the maximum number of temporary holding spaces.
    • IMPORTANT: After updating and if you use temporary holding allocation
    • open the VIEWS > Maintenance > Preferences form.
    • Click the "Allocations" tab and
    • update the Maximum Holding Locations field to reflect the capacity of your holding facility.
  • NEW - Temporary Holding allocation now has a hissy fit when you attempt to allocate to a full holding area.
  • NEW - When you allocate or de-allocate temporary positions from the register browser, a status log message is recorded.
  • CHANGED - minor performance tweaks for the register data entry form.
  • UPDATE - topics on temporary storage
  • FIXES - minor bug fixes and tweaks




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