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Version - 5th January 2018

IMPORTANT: When you run the program it attempts to create a new field in the RegisterData table.

To succeed, exclusive access is required, i.e.

  1. Everyone must log out of programs using the Final Filer's registerpro database
  2. Run one instance of this update
  3. now other users should also update and they can then use the Final Filer.

ALternatively, create the field manually:

  1. open RegisterPro.mdb in MS-Access, with exclusive access.
  2. Open the table RegisterData in design mode
  3. Create a new field named "LastUpdateDate"
  4. Make it of type DATE/ TIME
  5. Save the changes
  6. CLose MS Access

NEW: Help menu link to take you to the online help file

NEW:  Added date tracking of changes in register services records (see above). This field is used by FF RegSearch CP

NEW:  Product Assignment form (see HELP file for details -

FIXED: Some tables for financial processing do not open

CHANGED: Products and services list now opens maximised by default.

FIXED: more bugs; if you use this program and find something is not working, let me know at


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