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Final FIler Image and Document Manager Final FIler Image and Document Manager HOT

The Final Filer Document Image Manager Utility
This utility for the Final Filer  is intended to help you order and store image files with their respective Register Record.
You can download the installer package from the Final Filer's Website.

Run the installer on your PC. You may need admin rights to install into the Programs folder. If you do not have admin rights try installing to a folder you own, like into “My Documents”.

Running the progam
To run the Program click

All Programs
Final Filer Software
Final Filer Image Manager
Final Filer Image Manager

The first time you run the program you may need to select the Final Filer database (registerpro.mdb). Browse to the database location and click OPEN if requested.

The program expects that you have configured the document storage preferences in the Final Filer!!

Release notes are at the end of this document...

Using the program

At the left of the form is the location selector and browser.

Select the Area, Portion and Row from the drop down combo boxes to browse a specific row,

Alternatively, click the “Locate a Name” button at the bottom left -

Select the surname from the Surname drop down combobox.

The Given Names  combo box will list available records for the given surname. Drop the box to make your selection and then click OK.

HINT: Press the TAB key to move between the comboboxes and buttons. SHIFT + TAB moves back to the previously selected element.

The centre of the form is occupied by the Directory Selection Box. Select the Drive you want to access from the drop down box at the top of the column, Then click on the required directory, i.e. the one holding the files you want to process.

The right of the form contains the list of files available in the directory you selected. Note that non image (bitmap) files are ignored. At the bottom right the selected file is displayed, if possible.

Note: Double clicking the file name or image displays the file in its associated application.

Moving and Copying Image Files
 In the Allocation Browser (Left hand) select the record that is to receive the file. Note that you cannot copy or move files to a vacant allocation.

Select the filename (top right) or image (bottom right) with the left mouse button. While holding down the mouse button, drag the file or image onto the allocation browser at the right. Release the mouse button.

A dialog asks for your preferences. Confirm to COPY, MOVE or CANCEL.

If you choose to
COPY, the file is copied to the selected record's storage. The original file is not deleted.
MOVE the file is moved to the selected record's storage. The original file is deleted.
CANCEL – no action is taken.

When there is a clash of filenames, whether moving or copying, the program will assign new names automatically. In other words, files will not be overwritten.
Release Notes
CHANGED start up code to make it more compatible with older versions of the Final Filer.
NEW – when copying or moving a file to the Final Filer's document store you can indicate (flag) if the image is a headstone image. Note that Final Filer version or later is required for this to work. Alternatively add a boolean field “isheadstoneimage” to the “registerdata_attach” table.
NEW – Open image – the selected image can be opened in the default image viewer/ editor
NEW – Open image with – the selected image can be opened with a particular viewer/ editor application.


File SIgnatures when uploaded here:

MD5: 178159AFFA080FF98D9BE4584CFF35C1

SHA1: 178159AFFA080FF98D9BE4584CFF35C1


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