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This program is a desktop application for Windows. Its purpose is to let you set parameters & preferences for the remote web page and to synchronize the local Final Filer Data with the remote mysql database.  It can synchronize the register records and allocations data. 

It can also scan for images, automatically process, resize and upload them to the remote database.

Program features and functions

  • Runs as a Windows destop application
  • Automate data synchronisation of your local Final Filer database and your remote webserver database
  • Review data and images before  transfer and synchronization
  • Let you easily set parameters to determine data batches to be uploaded and synchronised to the remote (web) server
  • Can scan for and identify local image files to be used to display headstones etc alongside online register records
  • Efficiently resize local image files and upload them to the remote server, matching them up to register records. Local (original) images remain unchanged.
  • Validate the remote data, automatically removing records and image files that shouldn't be there

Program requirements

  • Windows OS (7 or later) & a PC (of course)
  • Full read/write access to the Final Filer Pro database
  • MySQL ODBC driver
  • Access to the MySQL network port (3306) to your web server Running RegSearch Version 3.22 or later 
  • Final Filer (Desktop) version or later

Full details, including the Change Log,  are in the helpfile included with the program and online here.



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