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The complety free database management system for cemeteries & crematoria

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IMPORTANT: This file is located on so when you click the link you will be redirected.

A PHP/AJAX application for a register data search engine.


This Version: 3.11

  • Grid displays areaname
  • New "Refined Search" selections appear at right - note this may take a moment to load when there are many thousands of records. Let me know if you don't like it



NOTE: If you have version 3.5 or later installed, the minimal update package is smaller and faster.

To upgrade an existing installation is only a matter of:

    1. Taking a backup of the existing installation, just in case. I recommend you simply TAR or ZIP the whole directory
  1. Downloading the upgrade package
  2. Copying it the the folder of the existing installation directory
  3. Unzipping the downloaded file in the installation directory.


First Time Installation


The program uses mysql 5.0 or later as a database.

  1. In your mysql server create a database that will be used by the program - the name can be of your choosing
  2. Download the database creation script.
  3. Import the script into your Mysql client software (phpmyadmin is a good choice).




  1. On your web server create a directory to contain the application. "regsearch2" is recommended.
  2. Download the installation file from here into the directory you create in the previous step
  3. Unzip the file.
  4. Using your web browser, link to http://yourserver/regsearch2/administrator/_lib/prod/lib/php/nm_ini_manager2.php - note that you will need to be sure you have read/ write permission on _lib and its sub directories. After setup reset the permissions to paranoia.
  5. You will get the Scriptcase log in. The default password is scriptcase
  6. If the log in succeeds, change the password as requested.
  7. Remember the new password!
  8. You should see an icon named "conn_mysql" or "mysql_con" - click it
  9. Configure the connection for the database
  10. Test the connection
  11. Once it is working, click OK and save the connection


Check our website for updates. Install them if you are not up to date.



The most common brick wall you will encounter will more than likely be due to permission issues. Please ensure that they are correct for root or super user access during the set up process. Once the program is set up, lock it down with the appropriate permissions, usually 0644 for files and 0755 for directories.


If you cannot solve installation issues please contact me with the details so I can try and help.


Synchronizing your local Final Filer Data with the online database

The FF Data Remote Transfer Utility can assist with data synchronization.


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