Final Filer Software

The complety free database management system for cemeteries & crematoria

This article is to chart a road map for the Final Filer for the web.

The application will be offered under the Gnu General Public License

 At this point an outline for the program has been put together. It should, of course, be able to work with a choice of database including MS-Access, MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite, etc..

However, there is a legacy of MS-Access 2000 users which needs to be addressed. The problem with MS-Access is that it is not cross platform, and it it almost impossible to use it on a Linux or LAMP server.

However, it's where the action is for us so this first "test" release has been tested with MS Access running on Windows IIS 7 with PHP 5.3.

There are two ways to  connect to the database from the application

  1. ADO - for MS Access 2000 format databases
  2. ODBC - for MS Access 2003 format databases

ODBC is preferred simply because of the uncertainty around MS Access 2000, which must sooner or later will be phased out by Microsoft.

A guide for Installing the Final Filer Web application on Windows IIS and connecting to MS Access is here. Please note that the ODBC or ADO connection can be notoriously difficult to set up and configure. Please make sure your IIS environment is configured correctly. As an alternative you could, of course, use a WAMP server on Windows. 

The application itself is here.

Updates, additional and support files will be located here. Documentation will be placed here

FOOTNOTE: If you decide to give this a go and need help installing the program on your Windows IIS or WAMP server, and do not have my email address, you can contact me here.  Feedback on your experience with the installation, especially on Windows, will be most welcome.