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Trouble shooting issues are listed here as they occur:


Database connection configuration does not save:
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You configure the database connection, test it and it says it is OK. However, when you then try and run the Final Filer Web again, you are prompted again to configure the database connection ensure that the _lib directory is READ/ WRITE enabled for the user. On Linux it might be necessary to chmod permissions to 777 on _lib. Once configured, reset permissions to read only for all users other than the owner.


I get an error when trying to create the View_AllocDetails query  in MS Access
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When you try to create the query in MS Access as desribed in this document, you get an error. This is due to the PDF file having split some text.


SELECT AllocSectionIndex.ID AS SectionID, AllocAreas.ID AS AreaID, AllocAreas.UserCode AS
AreaCode, AS AreaName, AllocPortions.ID AS PortionID,
AllocPortions.UserCode AS PortionCode, AS PortionName, AllocRows.ID AS
RowID, AllocRows.UserCode AS RowCode, AllocRows.Name AS RowName, Allocations.Number,
Allocations.[Sub-Number], Allocations.Interment, Allocations.Status, RegisterData.ID AS
RegisterIndex, RegisterData.RegisterGroupID, RegisterData.ServiceType, RegisterData.[User Reference],
RegisterData.Venue, RegisterData.[Service Length], RegisterData.Surname,
RegisterData.[Given Names], RegisterData.Town, RegisterData.Gender, RegisterData.Born,
RegisterData.Died, RegisterData.Aged, RegisterData.[Marital Status], RegisterData.Applicant,
RegisterData.[Funeral Director]
FROM ((AllocRows INNER JOIN (AllocPortions INNER JOIN (AllocAreas INNER JOIN
AllocSectionIndex ON AllocAreas.ID = AllocSectionIndex.AREA) ON AllocPortions.ID =
AllocSectionIndex.PORTION) ON AllocRows.ID = AllocSectionIndex.ROW) INNER JOIN
Allocations ON AllocSectionIndex.ID = Allocations.SectionID) LEFT JOIN RegisterData ON
Allocations.ID = RegisterData.AllocationCode
ORDER BY,, AllocRows.Name, Allocations.Number,
Allocations.[Sub-Number], Allocations.Interment

Use the alternative SQL script provided here (in italics)