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The RegSearch program is web based. It's default database server is Mysql.

The easiest way to create a connection to the database from your desktop so you can get to it with MS-Office, LibreOffice and other Windows based software is to use ODBC.

Setting up an ODBC connector for mysql is not difficult:

  1. Download and install the MySQL ODBC driver. The driver is mature and quite robust in my experience.
  2. On Windows (10 is assumed), press the Windows and the S keys at the same time.
  3. In the Search field type ODBC
  4. You should see the ODBC App link - click it to start it up.
  5. In the ODBC dialog click the ADD button on the right
  6. Select the MySQL driver from the list
  7. Click FINISH
  8. Fill in the fields for the connection parameters:
  • Data Source Name - A unique name, perhaps "RegSearcch_MySQL"
  • Description - optional
  • TCP/IP server - the IP address of your MySQL server, usually the server hosting your website - if in doubt talk to your server admins.
  • The port for MySQL is usually 3306.
  • A valid user name for the MySQL server
  • The password
  • Click TEST
  • If all is well, select the database that contains the RegSearch tables.

Again, if in doubt about any of the technical parameters, talk to your server admins.

Click OK to close the configuration. Click OK to close the ODBC app.

You can now connect to the MySQL database using your Windows desktop applications.