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If you find that you are getting unwanted record deletions when working with financial data it may be that there are cascading delete relationships defined in the database.

Generally the Final Filer should be checking and if necessary remove these relationship definitions from the database when it first starts, but here’s how to carry out a manual check.

  1. Open registerpro.mdb in MS-Access
  2. In MS_Access, click Database Tools (Toolbar at the top)
  3. Click “Relationships”
  4. Click Clear Layout, In the dialog that appears click YES
  5. Click Show Table
  6. Select and ADD the following tables GL_TransactionHeaders GL_Transactions GL_CreditHeaders GL_CreditTransactions GL_Products RegisterApplicants
  7. Close the SELECTION dialog

At this point you should see something like this:

Illustration 1: Correct: There are no relationships defined between the tables.

There should be no JOINS between the table images. If there are lines indicating relationships, like this:

Illustration 2: WRONG - There should be no relationship lines between the tables

, you must delete them. Note that you may need exclusive access to do that, i.e. no one else should have the database open.

To delete a relationship, click the line so it is highlighted. Then press the DELETE key and confirn the deletion by clicking YES in the dialog that appears.

Once you have confirmed that no defined relationships exist in the design, save the schema, using one of the following methods:


Press CTRL + S ; or

  • Right mouse button click the “Relationships” tab and then select & click SAVE ; or
  • Close the Relationships page- if a save is necessary you will be prompted; OR
  • Click the SAVE icon at the top left of the MS Access toolbar.

Close MS Access