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How it works

Accounts and Products data can be arranged as a hierarchy or “groups” derived from several tables in the Final Filer Database

  • Account types using Standard Chart of Accounts types such as Income, Expenses etc.
  • The records from the Chart of Accounts itself
  • Product Groups
  • Product and Services, which describe the individual products and services and their fees.

The records in the above tables can be edited from the VIEW > Financial Options menu. They can then be arranged or grouped in report designs to suit the user’s needs for price lists.

A number of example reports can be found using the menu items

  • VIEW > REPORTS > User Reports
  • Look for in the “Pamphlets” folder for product catalogue examples.

Run the report

Select the report and “open” it. If you haven’t yet designed your own price catalogues report try one of the example “Product Catalogue Price List Report Example”

When the report opens it will ask you to select the desired catalog. There should at least be a default “Quick Fee Guide” - make your choice and click OK.

Check that the display is what you want. You may need to add/ edit and tweak the underlying data and the report design itself to get results that suit you.


Once the report design and output is what you want,

  • Preview the report
  • Right Mouse Button click on the report
  • Select “Export”
  • Click “HTML FILE”
  • The default options should be fine, but you can experiment to get the exact output you want.
  • Click OK
  • Select (create) a suitable directory to contain the output. IMPORTANT – Don’t save the output back into the Final Filer’s report folder. Use a local folder in your Documents Folder.
  • Save the export file.

Manually importing the output into a Joomla (website) document

You will need administration permissions on your Joomla webserver/ site. Joomla version 2.5 or later is assumed.

  • Log in on your website’s administration panel, usually
  • Locate or create an article to contain the price list. Open the article for editing.
  • At the top right above the editing window, click “Design”
  • Using the File Explorer on your Windows PC, locate the HTML code file you saved earlier.
  • Double click the report file
  • It should open and display in your web browser
  • Right Click and SELECT ALL
  • Right Click and Copy (or CTRL + C)
  • Return to the Joomla Article Editor page
  • Clear the editor of text and images not needed
  • Position the cursor where the new price list should start.
  • Press CTRL + V (Right Click > Paste)
  • Save the article (Click SAVE at top of screen)
  • Preview the price list on your website and make any needed adjustment in the editor.

Importing the output into a Joomla (website) document using database tools

There is an application that can synchronise documents with HTML files stored locally. The following prerequisites apply:

  • Your PC must be able to access registerpro.mdb
  • Your PC must have the mySQL ODBC driver installed (
  • The MySql ODBC driver must be configured to for READ/WRITE access to you Joomla Database on your webserver
  • The Joomla Articles for the price list must exist.

Look for the program “Final Filer Joomla Article Sync” in the download section at