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ATTENTION RegSearch Users:

** This only applies to those who newly installed RegSearch before August 24th 2017, i.e. before version 3.21.

Recent and planned updates to the RegSearch  web application suggest that there is an issue with the data schemas out there. I want to try and get them consistent, but will need your help to do that.

Essentially I need a copy of the schema you are using. It should only take couple of minutes to generate:

PHPMyAdmin users:

  1. Open the database containing the RegSearch tables in PHPmyadmin
  2. DO NOT select any table
  3. Click EXPORT - you should see a page titled "Exporting tables from "<your-db>" database
  4. Click "Custom - display all possible options"
  5. Uncheck "Structure" and "Data" in the tables selection box
  6. Now check "Structure" only on the following tables, where they exist (some may not in your version):
    • servicetypes
    • ALL tables beginning with the prefix "tbl" and "tbl_"
    • All tables beginning with the prefix "tbl" and "sec_"
    • ALL VIEWS, i.e. table names beginning with "view_"
  7. Scroll down do the bottom of the page and click "Go"
  8. Save the result SQL file and email it to me (if you do not have my email please contact me first and I'll follow up).

If you are using another PHP client, it will probably have similar features to export schema. But please note I only need the schema, not the data.

I'm asking everyone to do this so I can be confident at RegSearch version 3.22 database schemas are consistent. It will also make it much easier for me to  to create more reliable schema modification scripts .