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Final Filer RegSearch Control Panel (CP)

March 2019

This update is primarily to streamline processing image files in the Final Filer's Document Storage.

NEW: When scanning for images completes validation with remote database can optionally be invoked automatically
NEW: Simplified image scanning and synchronisation for FF Document Storage Users{linkID=11100}
NEW: Quick Start Guide for FF Document Storage Users
FIXED: Batch renaming Image files by selection

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Final Filer RegSearch Web Application 3.3

Jan 2019

More information

Final Filer RegSearch Control Panel (CP)

Jan 2019

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Final Filer cxDiary

This is a companion program for the Final Filer Pro version and later. It is a Read Only Diary, showing events recorded in the Final Filer's Database 


Final Filer Upgrade 

There is a minor  upgrade for Final Filer Pro (Desktop) version 1.9 users. 

The new version,, incorporates a new event diary component. 

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Final Filer Diary update

This is a bug fix maintenance release (please read the install notes before updating)

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Final Filer Pro maintenance update

 This is a maintenance release for existing users. Make sure you read the notes on the download page before updating.

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FFRegSearch Control Panel version update

Details are are here

Final Filer For The Web Demo Application available

The online demo mentioned below is now available to interested parties. Read this about obtaining a user name and password for access,


Oct 18 2017

Last year pre-empted a web application to replace the Final Filer Pro Desktop.

We are now getting close to making a demo version available, so here's an update on progress.

Final Filer Pro Desktop Maintenance Update

This maintenance release is in response to reports of unwanted invoice and related record deletions.

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RegSearch Desktop Control Panel (CP)

This program is a desktop application for Windows. Its purpose is to let you set parameters & preferences for the remote web page and to synchronize the local Final Filer Data with the remote mysql database.  It can synchronize the register records and allocations data. 

It can also scan for images, automatically process, resize and upload them to the remote database.


RegSearch Web Application 3.23 update

A couple of fixes and code optimisation.

Updating an existing install.


RegSearch version 3.22

(Sept 5 2017)

After a bad start with version 3.21, 3.22 is now available. It fixes the Global Variable error. I have also improved the instructions:

The RegSearch web application uses this program to sync your local Final Filer Data with your web server's data.

Final Filer Upgrade Version 1.9.5 is now available for download.

  • Version - 3rd Sept. 2016
  • New - Customer quotation module - please see website for upgrading and user manual details
  • New - auto updates for fiscal year settings  - see configuration form; fiscal periods are now (optionally) semi automated
  • FIXED - Preference Form - Year start end calculating incorrectly
  • FIXED - Some captions and titles not displaying correctly or not displaying at all
  • KNOWN ISSUE - reports of receipt (payments) transactions deletion causing mass deletions. I have been unable to identify or duplicate the behaviour.


The past and future of the Final Filer

31 August 2016

I am about to make the Final Filer (Desktop) version 1.9.5 available for download. It doesn't really offer much of the new except a beefed up Customer Quotations module that is integrated into the application rather than being a plug in. There are the usual bug fixes and further attempts to improve performance, perceived and real. 

It was my intent to make this the last major update of the Final Filer. After all, 30 years is perhaps enough.

However, a couple of emails from power users wanting more, a phone call from a long time user telling me they were going to write their own data management system to replace the Final Filer, and the continuing daily barrage from our many "small" users give me reason to reflect.


FF Web Register Search Update

9th Jun 2016

A minor update with enhanced search functions and grid field  display changes.



26th Feb 2016

After nearly 20 years, I'm pulling the the pin on


Final FIler Image and Document Manager updated

25th Feb 2016

This utility for the Final Filer  is intended to help you order and store image files with their respective Register Record.
You can download the installer package from the Final Filer's Website.


FF Pivot Data Application update

11 Feb 2016

  • NEW: Added InvoiceNo and Customer fields to fiscal pivot date
  • NEW: Export function - there is now an "Export" function on the File menu so you can export the grid data in a variety of formats including spreadsheet formats
  • CHANGED: Fiscal Periods (years, quarters, months) are now based on the INVOICE (Transaction Header) date rather than the transaction date. It should provide more accurate fiscal period reporting, especially in relation to debtors.



Final Filer Pro (Desktop) update


  • FIXED - Display options connection to data list source sometimes lost when I rebuild the program from source. This appears to be a bug in the combo box source code. The connection is now checked at boot and re-assigned if necessary.
  • UPDATED - Booking Director (New Register data entry) - further fixes to avoid null conversion errors.
  • NEW - Quick new register record entry form - in response to a couple of requests here there is now a very quick way to add a minimial record, with or without allocation selection. For details check the updated help file for "Quick Register Entry"
  • NEW - Form to maintain/ add/ edit service types
  • UPDATED - help file, including the online help, to reflect the changes with this release.
  • UPDATED - further improvements to error logging; progressivle error traps will show the module name, function name and line number. If you see them please report them with a screen dump (Print Screen)



Final Filer Pro (desktop) upgrade

This version provides additional inbuilt functionality to manage and audit temporary storage locations, such as those used in cremator urn storage facilities.



Music Suprise V2.0

This version brings a new wizard like interface. You can also specify folders and files that must be included in the transfer. Transcoding FLACs, OGGs, and WMA files is now optional. 


Final Filer Pivot Data Update



FIXED: E_FAIL Bug when using Allocations Data

CHANGED: Allocations Data renamed fields AllocID and IndexNo (


Final Filer Pivot Data Update

  • Updated to version further fix to pivot grid that affected fiscal date filtering, resulting in transposed quarter and monthly periods.
  • NEW: Added a dataset to extract disposition stats.

Important EOY Date Issue Notice

This affects Final Filer version and perhaps earlier versions as well.

It has come to notice that the EOY dates are not being saved correctly from the "Preferences" in the Final FIler. This may impact on reports that use these dates financial data. An interim workaround has been posted here.


Final Filer Utility Programs (New & Update)

Final Filer Pro (Desktop) Update

Update build is available. Please read the change log and make a backup of your database before installing the upgrade.


Final Filer Allocation Images

A utility program for those of Final Filer clients using images to show allocation information in reports etc.


Final Filer Pro (Desktop) Update


Update build is available. Please read the change log and make a backup of your database before installing the upgrade.



Final Filer Web - testing and road mapping

News about the Final Filer for the Web can be found here.

NEW: Applicant to Register Entry relationship field visible on Register Browser. Note you may need to change the column visibility settings in the browser.

FIXED: Under some circumstances Service Options Display reverted to zero (none) on new record
NEW: Defaults for service date & time can be set in View > Maintenance > Preferences
UPDATED: Help File with details on default service date/time
UPDATED: If you are not using the "Classic" view, the state of the navigation pane at the right is now remembered between sessions
REMOVED: Related Records tabbed page on register data form- replaced by related record
FIXED: Cannot select register group in new register record wizard
ADDED: Additional fields in registerdata_relationships for marriage details

Help file updated with information on "Display Options"

Version Update

Maintenance release

Version 1.9.3 incremental update

This update introduce "relationships", i.e. relationships can be established between two or more register data records, which might be useful for genealogy and cemetery management purposes. 

FIXED: Data connections between country, state & birthplaces broken
REVIEWED:  Unique ID for new allocation index records not being generated, fixed in; confirmed to be fixed and working.

NEW: Register Browser will now save and recall last search criteria between sessions
FIXED: Hourglass not turning off when traversing sctions in allocation browser.
FIXED: Report Designer not available from VIEW > Reports menu.

BUG: [Service Options] required field not being assigned a value in new register record wizard

CHANGED BEHAVIOUR - Company Selection Dialog and Preferences no longer pop up on start. User should now call these as required.

FIXED: Coffin list not appearing in Register Data Form
FIXED FATAL ERROR: Unique ID for new allocation index records not being generated (Please monitor - if results appear inconsistent, advise ASAP)
SMALL IMPROVEMENT - Register Browser First startup time during session.

FIXED:  Register record "Show in Allocation" not working

FIXED: Bookmark by Query fails to auto mail merge

FIXED: Fatal error - database connections not opening


FIXED: "Must Do" alerts not displaying data.
FIXED: Fatal bug in new data record wizard when Service types not properly defined.


  • Improved start up time
  • Better integration with Service Booking Diary
  • Installer sets up Service Booking Diary
  • FIXED: Assign to Holding in Register Data Form
  • FIXED: Service type and Venues combo box rendered blank in Register Data Form

As of this version the Service Booking Diary is incorporated in the installer.

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