Final Filer Software

The free DBMS for cemeteries & crematoriums

Last year pre-empted a web application to replace the Final Filer Pro Desktop.

We are now getting close to making a demo version available, so here's an update on progress. 

Overview of Final Filer Web

  • It is a web server based application, so you use it through your web browser
  • Requires LAMP or WAMP operating system and servers.
  • It is written mainly in PHP utilising AJAX
  • To accellerate development we're using the Scriptcase framework **
  • The application and source code (project files) will be freely available under a GPL license, as yet undetermined. 
  • Email functions will require an SMTP server for outgoing mail for now. We are looking at other server options. 
  • Theoretically & optionally will be able to use alternative database formats, including  Oracle, MS-SQL, SQL-Lite, MS-Access, Firebird (Interbase) and more...
  • We aim to include at least every function provided by the current Final Filer Pro (Windows)  Desktop version.
  • Gaps in some of the "office admin" centric functions that are found in the Final Filer Desktop and cannot be easily duplicated in a web application will be supported through external desktop applications. For example, some of the specialised reporting and mail merging may not be easily implemented. Those gaps will be filled with Windows desktop applications. 
  • Tools to migrate your registerpro.mdb data to the Final Filer for the Web database are in the pipeline.
  • The application will suit the smallest church yard to the largest burial/ cremation complex.  

Major revision of the database schema

The database schema loses compatability with the desktop version, but for good reason. It has been tidied up removing duplication and improving efficiency. Table and field names are also more intuitive (note this is only a subset of the DB): 


Click the image for full view

  • Enhanced security - system administrator can control which user groups can add, edit, delete or view what data
  • Comprehensive logging, including recording which user add, edited or deleted what record/s
  • Register Data records are now named Services or Service Records.
  • Service records are accessed through a calendar or grid browser interface
  • Allocations are now based on Cemetery > Area > Portion > Row, giving an extra layer.
  • Service Types control which fields are described in a service record. The user can configure these to suit. For example, the DIED field can be omitted if the record (service type) does not require it. 
  • Service action control - Services procedural actions (processing paperwork etc) can be defined by the user
  • Service action control steps can be used to trigger actions, such as report generation etc. 
  • Ledger function (invoicing and purchase orders) now follow better book keeping practices. Export functions are provided to help you get the numbers into other accounting  packages. 
  • Separate GPS or geo location fields are provided at all levels, from the Cemetery Record down to the individual allocation
  • The default mapping Application Programming INterface (API) is Google Maps. Please consult me for your specific mapping system API. 
  • Person (people) records are in a separate table to elimate duplication. This way the same person record can be used for the services name and the applicant. 
  • There is improved contact record grouping.
  • Each contact record can belong to one or more groups, greatly simplifying debtor, creditor, funeral director etc assignments. 
  • Google Calendar integration and synchronisation is built in. Outlook calendar support is in the works.
  • Full statistical reporting with lots of eye candy (graphs)  will be built in. 
  • Foreign language data dictionary - it can be adapted to foreign languages by end users

Testing Phase

A demonstration/ test version of the application with sample data will be available on this server before the end of October, 2017. 

An invation is extended to existing and new Final Filer users to participate in the testing phase. Your criticisms and suggestions will be most welcome. And, of course,  we hope to tease out and fix bugs much faster with help. 

If you'd like to participate in the testing phase please email or use the contact page if you don't have my email address. Be sure to include your full name, location and cemetery and/or  crematorium authority or business name. 


Support will be available in a forum on this web site when the test/ demo version is running.  On site support and remote desktop support will be available by negotiation. 

 Lend a hand

There are just two of us working on this project, which is being developed and offered in the true spirit of Open Source software.  Help in the following areas will be most welcome

  • Scriptcase development, especially if you can write PHP and Javascript snippets
  • Help file documentation writers
  • Testers 

If you can help please email me or use the contact page if you don't have my email address.