Final Filer Software

The free DBMS for cemeteries & crematoriums

I am pleased to make the Final Filer Pro upgrade version 1.9.5 available.

  • New - Customer quotation module - please see website for upgrading and user manual details
  • New - auto updates for fiscal year settings  - see configuration form; fiscal periods are now (optionally) semi automated
  • FIXED - Preference Form - Year start end calculating incorrectly
  • FIXED - Some captions and titles not displaying correctly or not displaying at all
  • KNOWN ISSUE - reports of receipt (payments) transactions deletion causing mass deletions. I have been unable to identify or duplicate the behaviour.

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I am about to make the Final Filer (Desktop) version 1.9.5 available for download. It doesn't really offer much of the new except a beefed up Customer Quotations module that is integrated into the application rather than being a plug in. There are the usual bug fixes and further attempts to improve performance, perceived and real. 

It was my intent to make this the last major update of the Final Filer. After all, 30 years is perhaps enough.

However, a couple of emails from power users wanting more, a phone call from a long time user telling me they were going to write their own data management system to replace the Final Filer, and the continuing daily barrage from our many "small" users give me reason to reflect.

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