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Public Cemeteries Dot Net is now in its death throes. All data from the site has been archived off-site and can be made available.



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  • Registers - a virtual representation of traditional register books
  • Register record - an entry in a register (burial, cremation, pre-need etc)
  • Allocation - a unique site or place of burial, interment, inurment etc.


  • Full cemetery & crematorium register system framed around NSW legislation/ regulations
    • Deceased or license holder
    • applicant details
    • full service details 
    • allocation details
    • related documents 
    • billing, ordering, work permits
  • Multiple registers defined by end user (different buirial registers, pre need registers, cremation registers)
  • Comprehensive and safe allocation (burial plot etc) management- it is not possible to allocate any given site twice.
  • Service Booking and Scheduling Diary (plug-in)
  • Full search functions

Register Record Logging and Alerts

  • Record messages against any register record
  • Auto message recording can be user defined (i.e. when a particular report is generated or a letter is mail merged)
  • Messages can be set to trigger an alert in the future


  • Unique approach to group each funeral director's transactions for a period to a single invoice.
  • Transactions are linked to their respective register record.
  • Cash receipting

Customer Quotations


  • Plaque ordering etc & tracking
  • Plaque design editor can be called from the Final Filer
  • Order tracking, receiving and placement tracking

Work permits

  • Monument and cemetery work permit system 
  • all transactions linked to applicant (monument mason etc) and  register (burial) record
  • Tracking and processing

Document Scanning

  • TWAIN document scanning 
  • Scanned documents are stored (indexed) to their respective register record.


  • Full on mail merging with auto scheduling & triggering defined by the user
  • Sophisticated end user report designer and generator
  • The report designer is well suited to implementing sophisticated mail merge solutions, especially for customer service follow up.


  • A large range of addon applications for special tasks has been developed over the years. Contact Final Filer Software for more details or particular needs.

See also


1FF Remote Data Synchronization

This program is a companion for the Final Filer data. It is intended to synchronize a subset of data from the Final Filer with an online data base used by the Final Filer's Register Search web application. The Web Application can be obtained from the Final Filer's website.


The program assumes you have

Read/ Write Access to the Final Filer database, usually registerpro.mdb

Read/ Write Access to the FF Register Search web application database.

Read/ Write MySQL ODBC connection on your local computer, connected to the remote mysql database as described in 2)

2.1Configuring mysql ODBC

The mysql ODBC connector can be downloaded from this web-site:

Once you have it installed, configure a mysql ODBC connector to the remote mysql database. There is information that can be accessed from the above link if you don't know about ODBC connections.

3The ODBC connection

On your Windows PC, hold down the WINDOWS key and press R. You should see the RUN dialog. Type odbcad32.exe and press enter. Note that there is a 64 bit version of odbcad if you are using the 64 bit version of the mysql ODBC driver.

When the dialog opens, click the SYSTEM DNS tab

Click “ADD”

Select the MYSQL driver and click FINISH.

Set the configuration criteria according to your server. Your criteria will be different to the above. If in doubt, consult those maintaining & administering your server and database.

When ready, test the connection. If OK, set the name of the Database to use.


Download the program installer. Then install it on a Windows PC, preferably one running the Final Filer or one that can access the Final Filer's main database (registerpro.mdb) AND the webserver's mysql database.

You can start the program from the Final Filer Software group on your Start Menu. Look for “FF Remote DB Sync.”

5Running the program –

5.1Database connections

When the program runs, it will check that it can connect to the two required databases. If it cannot you will be prompted to configure the connections.

The mysql connection is described in the links above.

To build the local connection, when you see something like

Click the “Use Connection String” radio button. Then click BUILD…

On the Provider TAB choose “Microsoft JET 4.0 OLE DB Provider”

Click “Next”

Select the registerpro.mdb database. The user name can be Admin with no password.

Test the connection. If everything is OK, click OK, OK.

ODBC – the remote database

This is similar to the local database connection. It is assumed that you have a working mysql ODBC connection working, as described above.

Click the BUILD button. When the dialog appears click the “Provider” tab and select “Microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC Drivers”. Then click the Connection tab.

Select the data source name from the drop down list

Test the connection. If everything is OK, select the catalog (database) and click OK. Click OK and then click Close.

6Program Configuration

Confirm the database connections (see 5.1) to the local database and the remote database are configured and available

Check and specify the registers that are to be included in the data transfer. See 7.1.1

7The Program Interface

7.1Processing Options


Check Tagged Registers

Click this to specify which registers contain the records to be synchronized with the remote database. Check the box next to those registers you want to include.

7.1.2Sync Register Group Data

Check (tick) to sync the data table containing the register group names. The option is checked by default and it is recommended you leave it like that.

7.1.3Sync Area, Portions, Row Data

Check (tick) to sync the data tables containing the Area, portion and row names. The option is checked by default and it is recommended you leave it like that.

7.1.4Clear Change Log on Completion

The “Update new and changed records” option (see 7.3) is dependent on a log table maintained by the Final Filer. The log records those register records that have been added or changed.

After a successful synchronization the log can be “emptied”, thereby reducing the number of records to be synchronised at the next update.

The item is checked by default. It is recommended you leave it like that.

7.2Database Options


Test Connections

Clicking the button tests to see if the database connections are OK. A like will appear showing the results.

7.2.2Local DB Connection

This option lets you check and configure the connection to your local database. See 5.1

7.2.3Remote DB Connection

This option lets you check and configure the connection to your remote database. See 5.1

7.3Register Data Synchronization options

Choose the manner in which the Final Filer's data is to be synchronized with the remote data:

Update new and changed records – synchronisation occurs for records that have changed or been added since the last synchronization.

Add New records only – new records that have not been synchronized are created on the remote database.

Add and update all – full synchronzation.


Click the process button to commence the transfer and synchronization of the data. The indicator bar will show progress. The time the synchronization takes depends on the amount of data and your network connection.

Note the CLOSE buttone changes to “CANCEL” when processing is underway. Clicking CANCEL will attempt to interrupt the current action.