Final Filer Software

The free DBMS for cemeteries & crematoriums


  • Registers - a virtual representation of traditional register books
  • Register record - an entry in a register (burial, cremation, pre-need etc)
  • Allocation - a unique site or place of burial, interment, inurment etc.


  • Full cemetery & crematorium register system framed around NSW legislation/ regulations
    • Deceased or license holder
    • applicant details
    • full service details 
    • allocation details
    • related documents 
    • billing, ordering, work permits
  • Multiple registers defined by end user (different buirial registers, pre need registers, cremation registers)
  • Comprehensive and safe allocation (burial plot etc) management- it is not possible to allocate any given site twice.
  • Service Booking and Scheduling Diary (plug-in)
  • Full search functions

Register Record Logging and Alerts

  • Record messages against any register record
  • Auto message recording can be user defined (i.e. when a particular report is generated or a letter is mail merged)
  • Messages can be set to trigger an alert in the future


  • Unique approach to group each funeral director's transactions for a period to a single invoice.
  • Transactions are linked to their respective register record.
  • Cash receipting

Customer Quotations


  • Plaque ordering etc & tracking
  • Plaque design editor can be called from the Final Filer
  • Order tracking, receiving and placement tracking

Work permits

  • Monument and cemetery work permit system 
  • all transactions linked to applicant (monument mason etc) and  register (burial) record
  • Tracking and processing

Document Scanning

  • TWAIN document scanning 
  • Scanned documents are stored (indexed) to their respective register record.


  • Full on mail merging with auto scheduling & triggering defined by the user
  • Sophisticated end user report designer and generator
  • The report designer is well suited to implementing sophisticated mail merge solutions, especially for customer service follow up.


  • A large range of addon applications for special tasks has been developed over the years. Contact Final Filer Software for more details or particular needs.

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