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I am pleased to make the Final Filer Pro upgrade version 1.9.5 available.

  • New - Customer quotation module - please see website for upgrading and user manual details
  • New - auto updates for fiscal year settings  - see configuration form; fiscal periods are now (optionally) semi automated
  • FIXED - Preference Form - Year start end calculating incorrectly
  • FIXED - Some captions and titles not displaying correctly or not displaying at all
  • KNOWN ISSUE - reports of receipt (payments) transactions deletion causing mass deletions. I have been unable to identify or duplicate the behaviour.

This will be the last upgrade for the Final Filer Pro (Windows Desktop). Bugs, if reported and confirmed, will of course be fixed. Corrected updates will continue to be made available accordingly.  More information was recently posted in this blog entry.

The upgrade contains only one significant new feature, which is the Quotations Module. It is now embedded in the program and no longer an add in or plug in as before.

Quotes you create are stored in the database. When a quote is marked as "accepted", the invoice is automatically created.

The quotation module uses the Final Filer's standard reports, so you can use your letter heads etc and design the paper copy exactly as you want it. 

  • If you need help with the design of your customers' quotation report, drop me a line. If you provide a "mock up" in a word processor document I should be able to quickly adapt the basic template report for you.

More information about the quotation module can be found in the help file.  It can be accessed by pressing F1 when working in the Final Filer or you can use the online version. Look for "Quotation Module". Note that if you have been using the online version in the past and do so now, it might be useful to clear your web browser's cache first.


The Quotation Module has only been tested by me. Please make aware of problems  you might encounter with it.

Other Important warnings and notes:

  • Please read the notes in the download section
  • After the download unzip the file and read the README1st text file that is in the archive.

  • Before you upgrade, open your file explorer on C:\Program Files\Final Filer Software\Final Filer Pro - make a backup copy of ff4wpro.exe and save it to a safe place. If something goes wrong with the upgrade, you can quickly replace the new ff4wpro.exe with the the backed up copy.

Do the same with the database registerpro.mdb - note that Windows will let you right click copy and then paste registerpro.mdb even when it is in use.


  • The download for first time or new setups is here
  • The download for upgraders from version 1.9.4.n is here
  • Contact

  • If you want to contact me in regard to the the upgrade or any other Final Filer issues, please email me. If you don't have my email address, you can use the contact form.