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Final Filer Pro Quick Update Final Filer Pro Quick Update

This is a maintenance update installation package. Only use it to upgrade the Final Filer version 1.9.5 or later


Version 28-09-2017

You only need this if you use the Final Filer's invoicing and receipting functions.

This maintenance release is in response to reports of unwanted invoice and related record deletions.

IMPORTANT: Please read this article about eliminating the risk of legacy cascading delete relationships in the database schema.

FIXED: eException errors when the Invoice Header data grid refreshes.

CHANGED: code that facilitates the deletion of an invoice record and its related records including transactions, credit header and credit (receipt) transactions reacord.

NEW: When you delete an invoice the program checks for credit (receipt) records that have no transactions and prompts you for remedial action.


Only use this to update existing 1.9.5 installations.

Download the package to your PC.

You may care to verify the hash value to assert the file's integrity:

MD5 HASH: D4BD22DEBC127DE9FEE0979428837C79
Hash generate at

Then run the installer 

You may also want to read this.

The Final Filer's user manual is here.

If you need assistance or have comments please use the Contact Form.


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