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You can manually audit your temporary holding area for cremated remains using the following steps:

  1. Open the Final Filer
  2. Open the Register Browser
  3. From the Search Option drop down box select “Holding Applications”




Sort the “Holding Column”



Compare the records listed to your temporary holding area, especially those with negative or out of range numbers. They were generated when the program had exhausted valid storage numbers.

Incorrectly allocated records or records not found in storage

Any displayed record in a temporary holding position not found in the physical area should be examined to determine its status. Consider leaving a status log message once the record's circumstances are determined.

  • If it is determined that the record should NOT be in temporary storage, remove it:
    • Select the record with the mouse pointer
    • Right click on the record
    • Click on the menu item to "Remove from holding number"
  • The record should now be cleared.
  1. If the record is allocated to the wrong temporary storage position, de-allocate it as described above and then re-allocate to temporary storage. Note that the temporary storage location number will probably change so the physical item may need to be moved. 

  2. Repeat the above for all other records that have temporary storage anomalies.