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This affects Final Filer version and perhaps earlier versions as well.

It has come to notice that the EOY dates are not being saved correctly from the "Preferences" in the Final FIler. This may impact on reports that use these dates for financial and statistical data reporting.

It will be fixed in the next release, but for now here's a work-around (kludge):


  1. Open registerpro.mdb in MS-Access or other database management program that can open MS Access files. If you haven't got MS-Access, try LibreOffice. It's freeeeeeee and just as good! IMO.
  2. In the table list at the left, find the table named "Configuration"
  3. Double click or open it
  4. Find the columns YearStarts and YearEnds
  5. Type in the respective date values for the new accounting years
  6. Save the changes - there is a "Save" icon at the left end of the row, or simply click in another row.


If you have more than one company in your preferences, repeat the above for each.


Close MS-Access