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The free DBMS for cemeteries & crematoriums

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pdp.jpgI spent nearly thirty years balancing the management of small to medium business units (cemeteries & crematoria) in a public sector environment. So whilst I can certainly provide objective guidance and directions on the management of cemetery & crematorium activities, especially those operating in the public sector, my main interests have always been in the area of electronics, computers, and software programming. 

Trading as FInal FIler Software I have been writing computer software and database management systems (DBMS) since 1982 and designing and maintaining websites since the beginnings of the World Wide Web

Although I  have had a particular interest in DBMS for cemetery & crematorium administration, I have coded computer programs for many other industries and endeavours, including fitness & gymnasium club membership systems, thoroughbred  horse racing (training and form analyses), sporting activities, catering businesses, assett management, booking systems, specialised accounting applications, etc..

I can show you how to reduce to business software license costs to next to nothing!

From the beginning I have been and active advocate of and contributor to Open Source Software, especially when systems are developed collabaritively. That knowledge has allowed me to show small to medium sized business owners how to set up very, very  low cost software solutions that work as well, if not better, than most commercial equivalents.

I can also, of course, help with the every day stuff; server and network installations, system maintenance,  troubleshooting, system  and data recovery, web site development etc..


"Understand how something works and you can probably fix it if it's broken, and improve it when it's not!"
PIerre Duparte

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